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Girl’s Got Sparkle!

I don’t usually work with patterns.  I sit with my yarn and needles and, if I’m lucky, a general idea, and I wait to see what happens.  Frequently, disaster is the only descendant of my creative gestations.  Sometimes, success manages to reveal itself.  While simple, these fingerless gloves took some doing to get the fit and shape right.  My intention is for this to serve as the basis for a more technically challenging second generation of glove.  But for now, it gives me a great excuse to rummage through my stash of assorted collected adornments.  And shiny is good.  And shiny is fun.

Sparkling Coffee Girl (but only after drinking the coffee)

2 thoughts on “Girl’s Got Sparkle!

  1. OMG!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!! you are so clever. the adornments are perfection and i adore your photo with the coffee cup. jesse you are amazing. xo

  2. Love, love, love these! so creative you are (oops, channelling my inner Yoda)

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