Hand Hooked Matryoshka Doll
Hand Hooked Matryoshka DollHooked Babushka Fabric SculptureBabushka Pillow

Matryoshka Rug Hooking Pattern


My Eastern European roots took me in pursuit of traditional red and white folk motifs.  I knew I was looking for what would be the perfect adornment for the three dimensional free-standing Matryoshka doll I was envisioning.

Product Description

Traditional folk art motifs have always fascinated me.  Matryoshka dolls, too, hold a certain mystique.  I combined the two intrigues, with a little bit of Waldorf influence, into this hand hooked matryoshka doll rug hooking or needle punch pattern.

There are actually two pattern variations for the Matryoshka— a three dimensional free-standing sculpture or doll and a square pillow.

The doll measures about 14″ tall, 8″ wide, and 4″deep.

The pillow is 9″ square.

This pattern is an instant download and assumes a general knowledge of rug hooking, sewing, and pattern transfer as well as a certain level of DIY craftiness.


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