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Almost Vintage

I love a good design challenge.  It gets the blood flowing and exercises lazy neurons.  It all started with a simple request from a wonderful photographer, Sara Jensen.  She was looking for something vintagey—rough around the edges.  Lots of texture (yes!  that’s my department!) .  I mulled and turned things over in my head for a while.  Had a glass of wine.  I had visions of burlap and the vintage hand crocheted lace I found in an antique store in the Catskills.  But really, I wanted to do something for her that was rough, yet fragile.  I wanted to create a foundation from which you could tell a myriad of stories, whether they are real or make believe.  And then I remembered…

A distressed sheet is torn into knitable strips.

What seems like a lifetime ago, I designed a sweater that was knit entirely from torn strips of muslin.  I don’t recall what prompted me to do that, but it was fabulous.  I don’t mind saying.  So—and trust me, I am not digressing—we bought a couch a few weeks ago off of Craigslist.  It’s divine.  Restoration Hardware.  HUGE savings.  We will leave it at that.  But the crazy lady we bought it from also gave us a really nice sheet to help protect it in its travels.  I dug it out.  I tea stained it in the tub.  I ripped it into strips, sewed them together, and knit a bonnet.   Then I cut ribbon.  And I melted it, and I burned it.  I made a flower.  Then I drowned it in tea.  Because it wasn’t fully distressed, it was simmered in coffee.  More ribbons and delicate branches, and I’m lost in a woodland reverie.  A fairy tale comes alive.

Layers of texture combine for the perfect effect.

Can you tell that I’m excited about this design?  I already see it in so many different colors and variations–personalized in so many ways.  I see this bonnet on the most precious babe for her first voguing moment before the camera or adorning the littlest flower girl at the wedding.  I see blooms that perfect soft shade of blush cherry blossoms or as vibrant as the deepest red rose.

I love the delicate details of this piece.
A sweet back view.
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Identity Disorder

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that my work has taken a turn lately.  Normally, I think of myself as a bohemian drama queen, all the way.  Drapey, flowy (sp?–spell check isn’t helping me out here),  kilim, rich colors—I’m a dark golden girl, though not naturally.  Nonetheless, my artistic personality disorder seems to think I’m French — at least that is how I’m thinking of it– all shabby chic and romantic and ingenue.  Hmmmm.

A bevy of my new pieces are light and airy and pastel.  I’m dreaming of, well,  you dream for me…  Who knew there was this side of me?!?!

It’s vintage, the colors are to die for, and new life to old things is always a good thing.  I’m considering venturing into tutorials.  Stay tuned…

Upcycled Garden Rose Brooch
Vintage Tea Towel Pillow
Blush Vintage Tea Towel Pilow