Letting Go

Let’s face it.  The whole point of making something and then making it available for sale is to, well, sell it.  How novel!  I’m lucky that that part of my business plan seems to be working.  It’s just that lately, I’m sending off pieces of my work that I had grown rather fond of.  And it goes beyond the particular beauty of a fabric or stitch pattern or even the overall success of the end product.  Each piece is a marker for me capturing a little slice of my life.  When I look at a bag or a sweater or a bunting that I’ve made, I can vividly tell you what book I was listening to while I worked, what the weather was, and what home improvement project I was avidly avoiding—“Sorry, honey.  I’m on deadline.”  Frequently even, I find my materials and supplies when we’re out on long weekends or visiting friends.  Looking at a picture of one of my baby bonnets, I fondly remember the impromptu getaway complete with charming  b&b, great little breakfast place,  and the fab fiber festival where I found the yarn–a beautiful handspun hand-dyed little number the color of marigold sunsets.  Hmmm.  It is true.  A picture is worth a thousand words, but also thousands of scents, sounds, and emotions.  And, hopefully, my little bits of this and that that find their way out into the world, will go on to find their places in someone else’s photo and become part of their stories, too.

Knit with yarn found while on a long weekend getaway.

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