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The challenge of creative people, I think, is staying inspired.  And for those of us who may be of not only the sanguine humor, but the choleric as well, well—getting out and just finding good old fashion humor is a darned good thing, too.  Thus, I tore myself from the depths of my studio this weekend, re-communed with friends, and dove head long into a whole new craft that I am sure I must create stash for.

Supplies and Inspiration. Ready to go.
My first felted rug in progress. The wool is all laid out ready for the felting to begin!

I confess, I have a thing for rugs.  I love looking at them, shopping for them, walking on them, and napping on them in front of the fire.  And I really want to make them.  I love a myriad of the techniques, though I excel at none.  But  joy, indeed.  Last summer I stomped a weekend away making felt rugs with Nicole Chazaud Telaar of Festive Fibers.  This weekend my friends and I landed at Wool and Goods for adventures in hooking.  Not only could you not hope to meet a more welcoming group of women, but great company and skill to draw from, as well.  Everyone was so generous with their time and knowledge, which is an attribute that never fails to impress me among artisans.

Suitably inspired and renewed now, after a great escapism weekend outing, I’m armed with gorgeous wools, proper tools, and enthusiasm to fuel my way.  My kitchen and front hall are in desperate need of some carpeted personality.  Primitive?  Painterly?  Persian?  Who’s to say.  As is my modus operandi, I’ll start with an idea that will quickly take on a life of its own and take me where it wants to go.  I’m not typically the leader in my creative pursuits.  Usually, I’m being dragged along by some wild creative tangent.  But I enjoy the surprise and anticipation of what will happen next and day dreaming of where my fibers will lead me.

Worms in Waiting

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