Long Awaited and Well Worth It


I kid you not.  I have been waiting for this yarn shipment since November.  Well.  Maybe it was October.  And, finally!  Finally!  It is here!  And it is simply gorgeous.  My heart is palpitating.  The colors are just amazing, as their names would indicate:  mood indigo, teal bosque, lemon drizzle, verde spring, coral sunset, sweet sage, wild rose, and cornflower creek.  I’m not sure if I should knit with these yarns or just eat them up, they are so yummy.  Talk about eye candy.  Spring arrived in a package from UPS yesterday.

eat your fiber!

This is my favorite organic and fair trade yarn.  The dyes are the epitome of environmentally responsible, and many of the colors are even vegan.  I can barely wait to get this yarn washed up and ready to knit.  I’m having visions of little baby leg warmers, cotton cozy toes, elegant shawls, and funky fingerless gloves.  If only my hands could knit as fast as my imagination comes up with these things.

eat it with a spoon
that's what I'm sayin'

2 thoughts on “Long Awaited and Well Worth It

  1. The skeins for this particular yarn come like that. To make your own, wind the yarn into a large coil–around the back of a chair is one way. When you remove the coil from the chair you will have a big circle of yarn. Grab hold at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. Twist until the skein folds back on itself.

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