Swatch Along No. 2: The Accidental Swatch

First Try
That's Better

I love my unwavering belief that I am going to just sit down with my yarn and needles and whip something new out.  Beautiful.  Inspired.  And get it right the first time. I apparently refuse to learn.  Things like this happen.

I had my favorite delft blue yarn, Terra by the Fibre Company, and  a vision.  I wanted to make an infant’s earflap cap with subtle cables and a nubbly moss stitch border.  Seemed like a good plan.  I wasted a little time doing some math before I dove in with much gusto.  The first earflap was well underway.  Hmmm.  Not sure that is what I had in mind.  Starting at the bottom of the flap, I made my increases by knitting into the front and back  of the first and last stitch of the designated rows.  Somehow, though, it just seemed sloppy.  Misshapen.

Try again.

For version number two I used the same number of stitches–same number of border stitches and everything–but I made my increases on the interior of the border stitches instead of at the outside edges of the piece.  On the designated increase rows (which happen to be RS rows) I knit my border stitches in moss stitch then M1B.  I continue across the earflap until I’ve reached the last set of border stitches.  Here, I M1F and then finish my border stitches.  I find it fascinating that the exact same number of stitches, the same yarn, and the same needles can make such different swatches that are so decidedly influenced by how you choose to make your increases.  As you can see, the second swatch has a much rounder shape and also a neat and clearly defined border that the first was lacking.

The final results!
side view

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