Vintage Recipe No 1: Five Can Casserole

I confess.  I’m something of a snob in the kitchen, and am usually pretty disdainful of any ingredient list that includes a can of cream of something soup. Those types of things do not actually qualify as recipes for me.  However, as I’ve been entertaining myself by reading vintage cookbooks lately, I came across something  I might need to make an exception for.  For that matter, I might even try making it.  It sounds like such a train wreck that I am inexplicably intrigued.

Train Wreck Casserole

The above recipe comes from those old time community cookbooks that everyone’s contributed recipe is written out by hand—in penmanship so beautiful that it would quiver at the concept of texting.  Still, in the quaintness of it all, I’m not sure I can give this recipe a go.  What would you serve with it?  And then, what’s for dessert?  A dump cake, I guess…

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