Opening Day—it’s flea marketing season!

flea market find, aka inspiration in waiting

Around these parts, Todd’s Farm is the flea marketing and antiquing mecca.  First Sunday of April through until hardy New England souls can’t bear the weather any longer.  Yesterday, being the first Sunday of April, we got our walking shoes out and hit the stalls.

When I first met my husband, he was already a Todd’s Farm devotee.  He called going to the market every Sunday, “going to church”.  Yep, it looked good early on that this guy was going to work out okay.  For our first few years together, I frequently had to work on Sundays, so I’d only be able to wonder all day what he’d discovered that morning and wait until I returned home to find the treasures—or get reports of a complete bust.  Didn’t matter.  It’s the thrill of the hunt.  I joked the other day as I was taking photos for the website that we’ve turned our home into our own prop department.  The backdrop for most of my photos is an oversized primitive farm cupboard we found at Acushnet River Antiques.  When it is not fulfilling backdrop duties, it holds my pots and mixing bowls.  The organic dishtowel is draped over an antique clothes ringer we found a Todd’s, yarns are displayed in vintage measuring scoops, and we have a derelict headless carousel horse from Dudley Do Rights’s that is just begging for its chance to shine in the right photo shoot.  I also find fodder for my studio work in the form of antique rugs to make pillows with and old hooked rugs to sample from for inspiration.

organic hand towel displayed on an antique clothes ringer

All said, Todd’s was smaller than usual yesterday–just getting its feet wet as it winds up for the season.  Still, it was nice to see familiar faces, familiar dogs who apparently are of the flea marketing bug, too, and some familiar pieces—you know the ones that were on display last year but you couldn’t afford?  Surely, there must be a markdown by now.

a pillow I made from a flea market find

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