Flea Market Thrills and Poodle Love

Pink Poodles all in a row...
Around here, scrounging through flea markets and junk shops is sport. Sunday morning. Coffee in hand. Eye for the prize. Some days we get nothing. Some days it’s a haul. We love a good score.

Our last outing resulted in a carload of vintage laundry basket, enamel ware, and vintage textiles. And poodles. Yes, poodles. They just amused me. I figured at the very least they’d make good fodder for an impromptu shooting range—our punishment for the ugliest of chachkes. But Google was revealing. Mid-Century Japanese porcelain figurines with spaghetti trim. Trash to treasure with a click of a mouse.

Some Poodle Love

Retro Pink Poodles


Little Trainer


Poodle Circus


Vampoodle Love


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