What Color is Your Baby?

Yarn deliveries are always a big event around here.  My husband knows to stop everything and find, call, inform me as soon as that big box arrives at the door.  He’s been well trained, and true to form, I got the email the other day while still on my road trip.  I came home to a new box of fiber candy.

This delivery is a special treat because I’m introducing a new shade of organic fair trade cotton:  Lavender Plum.  This beautiful color, in addition to the blue, celadon, and pink, is available for either the original Brood Pouch or Baby Helix cocoon style buntings.  No matter what color your baby looks best in, you’ll find a perfect match.

Brood Pouch Colors: Blue, Celadon, Lavender Plum, Pink
Baby Helix Brood Pouch in Celadon

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