Remembering a [Free] Knitting Pattern

My freshman effort at pattern writing! It's a freebie.

A few months ago I released my first official knitting pattern, the Aran Cabled Baby Bunting.  It was a lot of work to put my “intuitive” style of knitting into written words, but it was very rewarding and the pattern has been very well received.  Of course, that meant I started thinking about what pattern was next and now have several new designs in the works.  All good things take time, I suppose, despite my ever urgent desire for instant gratification.  While dreamily knitting and plotting and scheming and knitting, I suddenly remembered that my first pattern wasn’t really my first pattern after all.  I’d forgotten my freshman effort:  The Mohair Stole.  I was over the moon when my submission to the Daily Knitter was accepted.  Looking back at the design, I marvel at how far I’ve come, not just as a designer but as a photographer and editor and everything else you need to be to make a beautiful product and package.  And still I quake with eager anticipation at knowing how much more there is to learn and do and, of course, knit.

My Aran Cabled Baby Bunting Pattern

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