Steeked in Catastrophe

An Organic Fair Isle Cardigan for Your Toddler

Admittedly, I’m no adrenalin junkie.  I get my highs from rather low-key pursuits.  A perfectly baked loaf of bread.  A chapter successfully read before falling asleep at night.  Excitement around here is limited to keeping the dogs and my boy (the husband) out of trouble.  And most decidedly, knitting has always been meant to be a means of self-expression and an exploration of color and texture.  It never should have had me tied in knots of apprehension.  But it did.  And then it started un-didding. — That is a very technical knitting term, by the way.

So, my knitting in the round with the intention of cutting a steek to turn this baby into a cardigan was well intended, but the organic merino blend yarn had a bit too much silk for this steek’s liking.   Disaster was staring me down.  Of course, being a purist in these matters, I had done a crochet steek.  Sewing machine doesn’t computate with hand knitting in my book.



I’ll start again.

However, faced with calamity, I asked Bernina for a helping hand.  She owed me. Besides, if sewn steeks are good enough for EZ (Elizabeth Zimmerman), they are (temporarily) good enough for me.

So.  Catastrophe ends in success.

Victory is mine.

And there is one darn (would you have  been offended if I swore here??) good sweater ready to warm some unbearably adorable child somewhere.

Grosgrain ribbon neatens everything up beautifully.

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