Vintage Feed Sack Teddy Bear

I imagined a story and then made this small bear.

On a recent trip to Maine I delighted in finding a trove of vintage feed sacks. Probably post WWII. And I had a vision of an old farmer in the corner of his barn painstakingly making a little gift for a little granddaughter. I don’t know where that came from, but I decided that I would try to capture the essence of that image by making this piece myself.

I cut and sewed all the pieces by hand, intent on a rustic primitve look. I allowed the wear of the Wirthmore feed sack to be included in its own charming way. He is carefully stuffed with organic fair trade cotton. This little guy is sewn in a permanent sitting position. His small eyes are black beans.

The eyes are made from dried black beans.

I spend a lot of time rooting through flea markets.  Pieces of other people’s live present themselves to me, and I create my own narrative.  I wonder if someday one of my pieces will be discovered in a dusty box in some vendor’s stall waiting for a new story to be told.

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