VSP (Very Special Project)

A Tree of Life is the perfect symbol for us.

This one’s for me.  Or rather, us.  This is our wedding rug.  Yes, I know.  We’ve been married for a bit of time, but it took a while for all the pieces to come together, both in my mind’s eye and in what would go into it.  I had always wanted to do something for us, as I’ve long been enamored with the notion of wedding quilts and the like.  Not being a quilter, that one never came to pass.  Rug hooking has been a whole new adventure for me, and one that I feel I am best able to express myself in.  Finally, it seems I have exactly the right medium in which to celebrate our marriage.

Things started turning over in my mind when I spied an antique piece of embroidery in a museum collection.  There was a tree motif that just sort of settled in my head.  I clung to it for ages, not quite figuring what I would do with it.  Then, you may recall, my Tipsy Quilt wended its way into our home.  Its complete ease with its own imperfections unstuck something in me.  And suddenly, one day, I whipped out a quick sketch of exactly what we needed.

Our rug includes wool from the wardrobe of a great aunt and yarn my husband brought home from a very special trip.

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol that both crosses and unites a multitude of theologies, scientific schools of thoughts, and cultures.  And for numerous personal reasons, it is also exactly the right image for us.  Hooking this piece has been a joy, and it allows me to bring so many pieces of our history into play.  Some of the wool was handed down to us from the wardrobe of a great aunt and uncle.  The leaves and bits of the sky are highlighted with yak yarns my husband brought home for me from a very special trip to Tibet with his father.  What may be even nicer, is that we sit together in the evenings while I hook, glass of wine and plate of fancy cheeses, fire blazing, talking about the rug together.  What kinds of textures, what other elements, where we will hang it.  It’s becoming a very special marriage contract of its own.

I love hooking this piece. Still some design decisions to be made…

2 thoughts on “VSP (Very Special Project)

  1. It’s beautiful, Jess, really! And, the image of you two planning it out is also so heartwarming. Congrats on finding such a compatible mate!

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