Turkey Ruminations, a belated post.

Lavender Scented Sea Star Pillows in Cashmere, Angora, and Wool.

I’m not working today, even though I really really should be.  Perhaps too content from the feasting of an outrageously beautiful Rockwellian turkey complete with clam and pecan studded stuffing (cooked in the bird), mincemeat pie, and Indian pudding.  In proper American style, there were alternatives available for every imaginable food preference and allergy.  And I wonder what Julia Child would think of gluten free?  I think dairy free–and hence butter free–would have killed her.

Perhaps my culinary senses were reawakened yesterday, but I got a bee in my bonnet to make crepes today.  I delighted in them as I scarfed them down for lunch.  It was Julia Child’s recipe.  Simple and straightforward.  A nice little treat.  And it occurred to me that the crepe recipe and my popover recipe are near identical.  They are simply cooked in different ways.  Hmm.  This has me wondering now about my work.  What patterns will be equally striking if I change the materials, the size, the color, yet still stay true to the fundamentals of the design?

These Organic Lavender Starfish Sachets are the perfect eco-friendly stocking stuffer or hostess gift.

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