String Theory and Thrift Shop Treasures

String Theory: A Thrifty Vintage Find

I am an avid thrift shopper.  I search for the sweaters I felt to make my Organic Lavender Starfish and Sweet Critters, the wool trousers and skirts to hook my rugs, and the occasional cashmere sweater for me(!).   My last outing brought me home with a surprise;  a huge bundle of vintage cotton crochet threads.  It is not what I was looking for.  Not even remotely.  But suddenly I had solved a dilemma.  You see, my favorite organic heavy duty cotton thread has been discontinued.  I use it for everything from sewing my organic lavender sachets, to attaching the collars of my brood baby collection buntings, to snugging tight the stuffed tummies of my Sweet Critters.  And I’ve been having a dandy of time trying to find a replacement.  Suddenly, I was presented with the perfect solution. Vintage cotton, like my grandmother used to use, most likely left behind by someone else’s grandmother.  Now in my hands, its fate is no longer doilies, but countless little treasures from my collection to warm your heart, home, and little one.

One thought on “String Theory and Thrift Shop Treasures

  1. love string. esp. of the beautiful vintage variety!! you with your visions of amazing items and me with how can i wrap photo albums, prints + presents!! i want your talent. stat!

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