Big Bossy Pig

A jovial friend.

As you know, I’ve been having a great time with all the critters I’ve been making.  While I frequently know what I want to make and seek out the appropriate materials, sometimes the materials talk to me instead.  In fact, they can get rather bossy, really.  That is exactly what happened in the case of the Big Pig.

I suppose I should be polite and tactfully refer to this guy as the Aran Cabled Pig, but he is big, so I’m gonna go with it.  He is a large, cuddly, wonderful guy that shows off some neat knitterly stitching beautifully.  When I found the sweater that I made Big Pig out of I knew it was meant for greatness, just based on the scale of the cables.  This one was going to be larger than my usual Sweet Critter’s life.  I went Super Size.

Big Pig and Mini Me

At the end of the day I always love breathing new life into discarded garments, architectural salvage, the Free listings on Craiglsist, but it is always more rewarding when you end up with a blushing jovial friend in the end to show for it.

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