Summertime Change Up

The heat has been unbearable lately. And the humidity. I usually thrive in toasty weather, but this has been a bit much. My thoughts are muddled, I can no longer add. The alphabet eludes me. Perhaps the worst part is that I have a top floor studio without air conditioning. The fans are just not cutting it this year. And, oh yes. You may be remember I work with wool? Gorgeous cashmeres and thick woolens to make blankets and stuffed toys and hooked rugs. I usually love that. Now I just want to walk away.

The new Terry Starfish Sachets will be available at Found Objects in Manchester by the Sea, MA later this week.

A funny thing happened the other day as I was bemoaning my heated fiber fate. “You should work with terry!” Wouldn’t you know it, she was right! A client has been asking me for a summer alternative to the starfish sachets and despite all my experiments, I really just couldn’t come up with a fabric I liked. Grain sacks, vintage linens, you name it, nothing was giving me an ah-ha moment. But this terry. Let me tell you. This is fantastic. I’m using recycled towels and bathrobes in beachy summer shades. I love them. The fabric is rather insistent that I try a larger pillow next, as well. I will keep you posted. My fingers are itching to get sewing.

I use recycled towels and bathrobes to make these scented gifts.

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