The Color of Summer

It’s a busy time around here. The studio is turned upside down as we prepare for the coming show and holiday season, and the house isn’t much better. As summer is winding down, warm humid days with chilly nights are pushing the last of the garden goods into the kitchen to process. My day today will start by bagging the peaches I prepped and froze on giant cookie sheets last night, dogs will be walked, ricotta cheese will be made for dinner while I answer emails, a bunting needs finishing, starfish will be sewn, marketing, pillows, custom orders will be attended to. I’m already tired still tucked in bed writing this knowing the day will end by walking dogs again, checking off the to do list for my volunteer work, making sauce with the bounty of summer tomatoes and baking a cake for an anniversary celebration.

The color of peaches.

Despite the early morning and late night toils, the kitchen is my second studio, and I love being there. I aspire to prepare our meals with as much beauty as as any hooked rug or new knitted design. The labor of summer harvest chores is rewarded by a spectacle of color that in turn inspire and affect my fiber work. It is all cyclical. No one part of my day exists in isolation. Everything I do is part of the creation of what happens next.

Freezing Peaches

20 peaches

The juice of 2 lemons

1/4 cup of sugar

In a large mixing bowl, dissolve the sugar in the lemon juice.  Slices peaches into 8 slices each.  Toss in the lemon juice mixture and lay out on a cookie sheet, side by side to freeze.  I work with four peaches at a time to avoid bruising.

After frozen, let the tray thaw for just a minute so you can remove the peaches to bag and store in the freezer.

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