Studio October

The joy of working in natural light has been limited with the shortening of September days. The chill in the studio has required the ministrations of the furnace. Autmun seems to have settled in. It is a season that always brings out my nesting instincts and the need to seek out quiet moments of creative domesticity. This time of year I’m more desirous of hooking quietly while listening to a book on tape or knitting while minding a pot of simmering stew rather than being driven in my junking and flea market pursuits.

Soft inspirations.

Not too long ago my husband and I took a few days out in the Berkshires, a beautiful area with numerous delights to tickle the fiber fancier. It is a place that draws me regularly. Lazy mornings at the coffee shop sipping cappuccinos and nibbling on cinnamon buns with a patient eye on the yarn store just across the way could not be a better way to start any day. When the door finally unlocks and the sign flips from Closed to Open, I leave Dave contented with his nibbles and stroll on over to check out the luxurious wares. Time really, is the luxury here. I poke through the bins and fondle each yarn. I adore it all, but what I am really looking for is inspiration. And it’s there. It always is. I always leave with a tote full of the next season’s inspirations.

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