‘Tis the Season to Decorate

It is not unusual that I find it necessary to confront my stash and ask, “What the heck am I going to make with that?”   This time it was a bolt of creamy burlap that was challenging me to make use of it.  Well, it’s November and Holiday Show Season looms.  Wreaths!  Here I go…

The thing that I find so wonderful about these wreaths is that their utter simplicity provides the perfect backdrop for all sort of thematic decorating, whether it be the Good Luck Horseshoe with satin streamers the color of whipped caramel or a very simple touch of red with a modest bow.  These wreaths are extremely versatile and season-less as the accents can be changed out with the coming of each new season.

So, I’m busy, busy cutting and serging and fluffing.  Wreaths will be in ample supply for the holidays and special requests are more than welcome.  I’m also happy to ship anywhere.

Creamy burlap makes a beautiful wreath, this one for an equestrian or anyone in search of good luck.
Sometimes the simplest festive bow is all you need.

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