Hooking the Tulip Fields of Amsterdam

Some trips are imbued with more meaning than others, and our trip to Amsterdam was more significant than most. It was a combination of the longing to see the place for so many, many years and where we were emotionally in our lives. It had been a big year. The trip, the experience, left a big impact. It seems suiting to hook that emotion into a rug for our home.

There are so many “moments” that I could tell you about. I roll them around on the tongue of my memory as I sit and hook, my dogs nestled up against my feet. But the nascence of this rug is the most cherished. A tandem rickety bike, my husband, and a tour through the country side that started in quaint neighborhoods, progressed through the fields of tulips and hyacinths, and ended in the blustery dunes of the North Sea. We were fortunate enough to have captured the perfect photograph, too.

The perfect photograph from a perfect trip inspires a hooked rug.

I’m trying some new things with this rug. I wanted to play with perspective a bit so started at the bottom of the rug with 3/4″ wide hand torn strips of wool, working with narrower strips as I move up. I’ve never hooked with so wide a cut before, and as a known packer, I completely over did it. I’m rehooking select rows to ease up some of the tension. That said, I’m very happy with the result, and it was a satisying lesson.

This is the third roof I put on this rug, and this one is the keeper.
I used very wide cuts for the bottom of the rug and clearly over-packed them. I'll be loosening things up a bit.

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