Odds and Ends Crocheting

I confess, it’s been quite some time since I made a granny square, but truly nothing is better to use up some of my stash of odds and ends.  You know, the last three feet to three yards of a skein from a finished project:  The ones that you collect and save as wondrous little mementos of projects gone by.  Still, it is nice for them to serve some useful purpose.   For this project I found a vintage motif I liked and played with it a bit, redesigning it into a a fun and colorful floral.  Perfect for the bits and pieces of Terra by the Fibre Co. I have.  While I won’t lie, I did need to break into a few new skeins, I did very satisfactorily use up quite a bit of my leftovers making enough squares to make a generous baby blanket.  I’m still playing with the arrangement, but I’m liking where this is heading.  And I’m scheming about which of the multitude of join methods there are out there that I’d like to use.

A floral scrap buster project!

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