And I’m not speaking of the Spring variety. We are involved in a new house clean-out and I took home a well packed box. Very neat. I’d never have been abe to pack it that tight, nor do I have any hope of returning the contents to their original resting place, given the volume of their unfolded multitude. Much to my surprise, what I thought was a box of the typical place mats and such, turned out to be half full of pantaloons!! Who would have thunk….

I have no idea what I’ll do with these, yet. And these came from just one of many boxes I took from the house, so who knows what else I’ll find, but it is easy to look at these and yearn for the simplicity of days gone by. I hasten to remember, however, that the challenges of  life are usually derived from the complications of personal relationships, health, and finances, and I doubt that was much different before we had email and iphones to conduct our business. I doubt life has ever been easy, even if you were wearing pantaloons.

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