The Sunday Soup: Vegetable Curry

Fiber folks in general have a hard enough time managing stash as it is, but if you are a hooker, the problem is tenfold. Every minute scrap of yarn or shred of wool has the potential to be invaluable to some future rug hooking project: a highlight here, a shadow there. Nothing— and I mean nothing— can be thrown away. It’s a problem. As one friend puts it, it’s a mental illness even. Well, that may be, and for me the problem overflows in to the rest of life; the kitchen, most of all. Nothing can go to waste.

The other night I made a pork shoulder roast. The kind that needs ample hours in the oven, a stupendous knitting project to occupy your hands, and a good book or podcast to listen to while deeply breathing the heady aromas. If that wasn’t perfect enough (I did get to eat the roast after all, too), I woke the next morning to my cast iron pot of one ham bone and it’s drippings. Well, you know I wasn’t going to just be discarding any of that. And I like cooking more than I like cleaning, so pot and bone and drippings were destined to be my next soup.


6-8 cloves of garlic
4 leeks
curry, coriander, hot pepper, turmeric
spot of coconut oil
ham bone
12 cups water
veggie bouillon
leftover tomato soup from lunch
4 eggs

To serve: fresh chopped spinach, tomato, and corn

Add the coconut oil and bone to a very large soup pot. To the pot you cooked the bone in, add all the spices, garlic, and leeks to the drippings and and saute slowly. Deglaze the pot if you need to and add it to the soup pot.

Now for the soupy bit: add the water and simmer for hours. You can’t overdue it, so sit down with a good knit and make yourself comfy. About an hour before you are ready to serve, taste the stock. Depending on how much flavor you were able to extract form the bone, you may want to add 2-3 bouillon cubes to taste. Remove the bone.

Add the eggplant and mushrooms and simmer until cooked. I also added some leftover tomato soup (and roasted red pepper, to be exact) because it was a pretty color and I was decluttering the fridge. When all that is cooked, lightly scramble the eggs and drizzle them into the pot while stirring.

Serve with fresh chopped veg.


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