Belgian Linen Crossback Maker’s Apron

I’ve been itching to make myself a super cute smock.  There is something romantic about the idea.  Somehow I believe that I will put it on and be magically transported to wide open farm vistas padding around barefoot with either my basket of veggies or basket of knitting.  Big deep pockets will hold my phone, my scissors, my rug hook, etc., etc.  My dog frolicking in the tall grass.  Yeah.

Finally, it is a reality!  I was able to source some truly lovely heavy weight Belgian linen and sat down to sort out a design.  I’m thrilled with how it came out.  It is both timeless and able to pull its weight in the studio or kitchen and even just part of my daily wardrobe.  This style is now available in my shop for you, too.  And I have a bevy of other style ideas I need to draft out.  So much more to come!

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