A Sweater for Me

For all the time I spend making things, very little ever gets made (or mended) for me.  I may sew for a living, but my wardrobe is riddled with holes, frayed cuffs, and is frequently held together with safety pins.  In what was quite a departure for me, as well as an excercise in discipline, I decided to both knit down my stash and be the beneficiary of the enterprise.

My sweater is off the needles, though yet to be blocked— and it needs it.  It is something of a bastardization of the beautiful Hiro pattern.  I used inappropriate yarn, lengthened the cuffs and added thumb holes, widened the collar, eliminated any waist shaping.  I still plan on adding pockets, but I haven’t decided where  or what style yet.  I made it ridiculously large to wear cross country skiing over leggings finished just in time for — ummm— spring.

I'm a big fan of thumb holes.

2 thoughts on “A Sweater for Me

  1. Would love to see it on you! I made my first sweater last year and also adapted the neckline, making it much bigger, almost looks like yours at the opening and now I don’t like it that big. I made it a roll neckline and am thinking of knitting a separate piece that I can wear over it. But, the rest I like and it felt like such an accomplishment. Took three months, though, so it will be a while before I try another one…

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