Must Love Kale

I kid you not.  We are something of kale junkies around here.  Veggie junkies, really, but we have our soft spots.  I haven’t had a garden for a few years now, but we are starting to feel settled in our new digs and decided to literally put down roots.  I have never attempted kale before, but took the plunge this year.  After a tiring but hugely successful weekend as vendors at The Vintage Bazaar of New England this past weekend, I’m now ensconced in Home.  A glass of wine, dogs at my feet, hubby contentedly sipping his cocktail while the thunder softly rumbles and the rain comes down.  Earlier today I tended to the garden that was abandoned over the weekend.  When you are doing an outdoor show, you pray for sunny and dry.  My garden was definitely dry.  But it made weeding easier and the generous soaking we are getting now is refreshing everything.  Two armfuls of kale were harvested.  I’m investigating kale recipes with a focus on slaws.  It is all remarkably wonderful.

3 thoughts on “Must Love Kale

  1. They look great! I have had good luck with kale in the past, but my garden is woefully behind… Squash and tomatoes are growing, fig tree will be abundant. Yes!

  2. Yes! I was so surprised that figs could grow here. I planted a small tree five years ago and now it is over 10 feet high and I have two babies from it that will produce for the first time this year. It takes two or three years before they start producing… I’m sure you can grow them, too, as there are cold weather varieties.

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