Coastal Style Rug Hooking

Coastal style is my rug hooking inspiration. I’m busy hooking seaside textiles for your home and cottage. Coastal style pillows, rugs, and more.

I don’t live far from the coast and its majestic views and working waterfronts.  What I take in on my daily jaunts to the seaside percolates in my mind’s eye until the perfect new rug hooking design comes into focus.  From there, it’s just a matter of time before the right material, the right color, and the pattern itself come together into my textile version of the coastal scene.

Hand Hooked Blue Crab Pillow
You may notice the error of my ways here–I promise that from here on out all carbs will be anatomically correct and have the proper number of legs!
Maine Lobster Boast Hand Hooked Pillow
The quintessential Maine lobster boat is among my favorite pieces of Coastal Style Rug Hooking in my portfolio. I can hear its gentle glue, glue and the call of the seagulls every time I look at it.
Hand Hooked Primitive Whale Pillow
Primitive whales are a favorite motif of mine, not to mention many other folk artists over the centuries. The oceanic simplicity of shape and majesty of power are hard to resist.
Maine Bicentennial 1820 Hand Hooked Lobster Pillow Coastal Style Rug Hooking
2020 is the Bicentennial Anniversary of the Statehood of Maine. When I first designed this pillow everyone asked, “What happened in 1820?” I’m hoping that 2020 will mark the year that everyone knows what 1820 is doing on a Maine Lobster’s tail.


Hand Hooked Lobster Buoy Pillow
This is my whimsical take on the serious business of Maine lobstering. It is practically a hooking doodle, but made with wool and cashmere. This generously sized pillow is currently available at Down East Gallery.

5 thoughts on “Coastal Style Rug Hooking

  1. Can you give me the size of the lobster hooked rug pillow with 1820? Does it have to be special ordered? Thank you, Peg Grandison

  2. Hello Peg,

    It measures about 17″ x “12. It is a special order, and I could have it ready for you in about two weeks. Here is the link for more information: We would just make note that you’d like the “1820” as part of the design. I could also make it larger for you at an additional cost, if you’d prefer a different size.

    Please let me know how I can help and thank you,


  3. and what would the cost be for the 17×12 with the 1820 on it? thanks, Peg Grandison

  4. I’m sorry, I missed this Peg. It is a special order through the link above for $145. It’s the same size, 12″ x 17″. If you’d like the 1820, just make a note when checking out. Please feel free to email me directly with any other questions.

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