Scraps and Anger

Like many of you, mask making has become a significant part of my daily tasks.  When I finished yesterday’s allotment, I realized a low grade fury had been building as I worked over my sewing machine.  I grabbed discolored and worn antique flannel and a scrap of quilting cotton from the late 1800s and made my Vote mask.  Born of scraps and anger.

Vote written across a face mask.

1930s Singer Sewing Machine
I do almost all my sewing on an antique sewing machine. Now I can’t decide if it’s fitting or tragic that in 2020 I’m sewing masks on a 1930s Singer.

Stay safe.  Be well.

2 thoughts on “Scraps and Anger

  1. Great idea, Jess! These are terrible times we are living in and my hope is that it will propel people and governments to make some drastic changes in how we live. But, it seems like the overall angst is to get back to how things were, rather than to change gears and start taking care of this planet and all of the life that is threatened here. We’ll see. But, I love the idea of making the masks carry a message like that!

    Stay healthy! At least we have plenty to do that enjoy. We are trained for life at home! 🙂

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