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Stars and Stripes Hand Hooked Pillow

Stars and Stripes Hand Hooked Pillow

The Stars and Stripes Hand Hooked Pillow is a true piece of Americana for your home or office. It’s primitive folk art style is perfectly suited for a wide range of decors.

I hooked this piece with a combination of wool and recycled cashmere on a linen foundation.

Measures about 16″ x 10″.

Made to Order.  Please email for questions or details.

Stars and Stripes Primitive Hooked Pillow Set

Stars and Stripes Primitive Hooked Pillow Set

Celebrate the good ole’ red, white, and blue with this set of hand hooked Stars and Stripes pillows. Perfect for the cottage, porch, and patriotic decor.  I hand hook each in such a way to represent movement and an aged patina.

Hooked with wool and recycled cashmere.

Backed with antique European homespun.

Stripes measures about 14″ square.

Stars are about 9″ square.


Stars and Stripes Primitive Rug Hooking Pattern Instant Download

Stars and Stripes Primitive Rug Hooking Pattern Instant Download

Hook your own Stars and Stripes Pillow Set and complete your Americana Folk Decor in patriotic style.

This is a great project for new hookers and more experienced folks will appreciate how well you can use up some extra strips, noodles, or worms, depending on your hooking dialect.   This pattern is also easily adaptable for needle punch embroidery.  You are welcome to resize the pattern to suit your creative needs.

The Stripes pillow measures 12″ square. The Stars Measure 9″ square.
• This is a full color pattern including two pages of general directions and photos. The pattern itself prints out as a black and white line drawing for easy transfer.

• This pattern assumes a general knowledge of rug hooking, pattern transfer methods, and sewing.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase the pattern already drawn on linen for you, please email me.

Wonky Stripe Primitive Table Riser

Wonky Stripe Primitive Table Riser

As you know, I adore hooking wonky stripes.  Straight lines are over-rated.  And once I had this little rug, I decided to make a little stool for it to top.

The rug is hooked with wool and cashmere, bordered by a touch of jute where the mat meets the wood.

The bench bit is made of hand-planed pine and finished with wax.

The sizing is petite and well suited for use as a table riser, prim decor, or an actual footstool if you purse an activity that requires a bit of a propping up.  24″ l x 8.5″ w x 4.75″ t

The featured squash is the first Sweet Mama from my garden this year, and is not included.  I have other plans for that sweetie.

Fair Isle Piggy

Fair Isle Piggy

Each Fair Isle Piggy is made from a recycled wool sweater and is ready to charm.

Measures about 7″ long and 5″ tall.

Each will vary a bit from the next, as each is made up of different parts of the sweater in question.  The direction of the stripes may vary, but the colors are all the same.

Ready to ship.

The Story of Unite

The Story of Unite

The Story of Unite, An American Hooked Rug has a querulous beginning.   There are a wide range of thoughts and emotions lurking in the background of this rug.  Unite was conceived and hooked while I was listening to and taking in the impeachment hearings and Senate trial.  There is no doubt that it was a national event of wildly varied import and impact.  This rug is how I captured this moment in history for me.

This rug has been an especially fulfilling project for me.  I am not a gifted illustrator, but my doodles occasionally surprise even me.  I’d been studying a variety of other rugs, both old and new, for angels, swimmers, flags.  My wonky striped versions of the American flag, have always been a favorite motif to include, but I’m not quite sure how the mermaid element came in.  When I was choosing my wools for her, I kept thinking of The Statue of Liberty.  She must have been an unwitting influencer.

I dug deeper into the making of this rug than I usually do.  Unimpressed with the color variety in my stash of wools and cashmere and committed to using as many recycled materials as possible, my long resisted dye pot was pressed into service.  I learned so much and was so happy with the results of my efforts, that a little corner of our home is now being transformed into a dedicated dye studio.

As you know, Twenty Twenty (2020) is an election year, and my doodle session resulted in more than one successful rendering of a rug to be.  While we march from one political fiasco to the next, I’ll continue to brandish my hook in search of patriotic harmony through my language of choice, fiber.  The Story of Unite shall continue.

Unite, An American Hooked Rug

Unite, An American Hooked Rug:

Hooked with new, vintage, and recycled wools and cashmere.

Measures about 36″ x 22″

Signed and dated in embroidery on the back.



Whimsical Hooked Buoy Pillow

Whimsical Hooked Buoy Pillow

This hand hooked buoy pillow is an adaptation of what started as my whimsical needle punch pattern.  Sometimes bigger is better, and I love how the wools and recycled cashmeres came together in this generously sized pillow.

Approximately 17″ x 17″.

Backed with red and blue striped antique homespun linen.  Due to the nature of antique fabrics expect some charming imperfections.  In this case, there is a bit of bleed from the red stripes.

Filled with a luxury high quality stuffing.

1776 American Flag Primitive Rug Hooking Pattern

1776 American Flag Primitive Rug Hooking Pattern

I have a great love of hooking my wonky stripes, and I went big this time with an area rug rather than a pillow or smaller cushion. This piece is hooked with an assortment of wool and cashmere in cuts from 8 to 10. It was easy to abandon myself to the freestyle hooking of imagined windy day flapping flags. The piece moved along quickly, and I love how it all turned out.

This pattern assumes general knowledge of rug hooking and transfer techniques.  You will need Adobe Reader to open and print the pattern.  Adobe is available for free online if you need it.

Measures 24″ by 34.5″