Mask Info

This is the pdf for general mask info and care: Mask Info

This is the pdf for additional information that applies to the VOTE masks: Note on Vote

If you have a VOTE Mask please be aware these masks are made with primarily antique fabrics. While they have been pre-washed/pre-shrunk like every other fabric, expect to see some fading, discoloration, or staining. Patina. My first Vote mask was made out of frustration, and the worn appearance of the fabrics seemed a suitable reflection on the sorry state of available PPE. Because of the lettering on the mask, I’d recommend either hand washing and pressing the between towels to dry or putting them in a lingerie bag or pillow case when going through a gentle or casual cycle in the washing machine.  All other notes below are relevant to these masks.

Washing: WASH BEFORE USING. I do not have a medical grade sewing room. The fabric is pre-shrunk so you can put it through a hot washer and dryer. You can also hand wash and drip dry. Ironing is a nice additional sterilization step, if you’re up for it. I’ve been bleach testing the fabrics, and they seem color stable, if you want to include that in your regimen. Your color mask may vary, but this is the front. There is wire around the nose so you can fit it to your face. Because of this wire DO NOT try to sterilize in the microwave. You can shorten the elastics if you need a tighter fit. If you need to make it bigger you can tie the ear loops together with string behind your neck. This also takes the pressure off your ears. I find the mask moves less when I talk, too!


This is the back. You can slip additional layers or filters of your own between the white and the plaid. Every additional layer is an extra layer of protection. Some, not all, masks include a double layer denim insert. It is washable, as well. These are made from recycled denim, so there may be some stains or discolorations, but I assure you they have been cleaned. There is a lot of information on the web about what other materials make the best filters. Do your research and what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Remember, cloth masks are just one more tool to help minimize the risks to our communities. Social distance. Wash your hands. Stay home. Do your own research. Stay informed. Be well.