Flatten the Curve, A Hooked Rug


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In the wee hours of early spring 2020 I had my heart set on tackling a hit or miss rug. This isn’t what I was thinking. But when the Covid-19 Pandemic broke, and we were all in quarantine, this is the rug that happened.

The Pandemic felt, even then, huge to me. There may be a reason this is the largest rug I’ve hooked to date. Social distance, wash your hands. Flatten the Curve. It is pretty evident as I write this that we didn’t. We’ve failed and miserably so. The curve is still spiking. And my rug, which I had initially projected to be a quaint moment of the spring of 2020, has instead become a grim reminder of what could have been.

I hooked this piece with a combination of recycled and vintage wool and cashmere on a linen foundation. Some of the materials are hand-dyed, too.

As you can see in the last photo, I finished the rug simply and it is ready to be displayed on a wall, bed, or table top. It can also be used on the floor in areas of light use. If you are planning to use it in a high traffic area I’d be happy to add a rugged cotton twill tape to the perimeter of the backside for an additional fee.

Measures about 52″ x 29″.