Hand Hooked Matroyshka Doll Fiber Sculpture



My Eastern European roots took me down the comfortable trail of pursuing traditional red and white folk motifs.  I knew I was looking for what would be the perfect adornment for the three dimensional free-standing Matryoshka doll I was envisioning.

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Traditional folk art motifs have always fascinated me.  Matroyshka dolls, too, hold a certain mystique.  I combined the two intrigues, with a little bit of Waldorf influence, into this hand hooked matryoshka doll wool sculpture.  Serene and wise, this piece of textile primitive folk art will make the perfect addition to your collection or decor.

Signed and Dated.

Measures about 14″ tall, 8″ wide, and 4″deep.

Freestanding on a wooden base that can only be seen when you turn her upside down.



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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 8 in