Hit or Miss Evergreen Sachets



Hit or Miss.  Each varies from the next, so you’ll never quite know what you’ll get.  I certainly never know what will happen next.  I’m usually inspired by the first piece of wool I pull from the bins, then the color scheme and patterns flow from there.

Evergreen sachets, filled with the scent of the Maine woods.  Balsam and pine.

Recycled wools and cashmeres.

Measures about 4″ x 4″.  Sometimes slightly larger.

Each piece is always different from the next and may not be any of the pictures shown.  The photos are meant to give you a general idea of the variety of designs you might expect.  It you have something specific in mind, or a favorite color, don’t hesitate to ask.

I have a few ready to ship, but I’ll always make them to order, as well.