Maine Lobster Pillow



My newest version of the lobster pillow proudly displays Maine’s postal abbreviation, ME.  It is just as chocked full of wit and charm with a warm reminder of where it came from.  This fellow has a personality that will light up your rooms.   He will remind you of all the happy memories of coastal Maine summers.  You’ll practically hear the seagulls overhead and the quiet, distinctive glug glug of the lobster boats.

I hook each ME Lobster Pillow with a combination of new, recycled, and vintage wool and cashmere.  I even dye some of it myself.  All this is hooked on a high quality linen foundation fabric.  Each lobster pillow is backed with my favorite antique European homespun hemp linen–which varies from pillow to pillow.

As with all handmade items, each piece is a one of a kind. Therefore, each will vary a bit from one to the next.  Please allow for this special nature of handmade and expect some slight variations from the photo.

These are made to order.  Please allow time for the making prior to shipping.

Measures about 17″ x 12″.

If you’d like a custom state postal abbreviation, send me a note.


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