Sailing Away Hooked Pillow Pattern



There’s a beautiful primitive style painting of a fleet of sailing ships in my small bedroom at camp. It’s difficult not to be inspired by that image and the comforting glug glug sound of the boats when I wake by my treasured Maine cove. This pattern is one of two schooner patterns I designed sipping coffee seaside. Starting with a linen foundation cloth, I hooked this piece with wide cuts (8-10) of wool, cashmere, and antique cottons.

Pillows are extraordinarily forgiving in your material choices since they don’t get the same level of wear that a floor rug receives. Let your stash be your guide and find the perfect fabrics for your own seascape.

Measure about 21” wide x 19.5” tall. You are welcome to adjust the size if you’d prefer to hook this as a smaller or larger piece.