The Sneezing Willow Hooked Rug


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From my studio window I can watch a winding river make its way towards the ocean and it’s endlessly inspiring. I frequently try to capture its joy when I doodle and landed upon one sketch that was surprisingly successful. My original plan was to paint a mural of this scene in a blank fireplace in our old home, but since I don’t actually know how to paint, I hooked it instead.

This is hooked with an assortment of new, recycled, and hand-dyed wool and cashmere on a linen foundation. It is bound so that it may be used on the floor or as a wall hanging.

Measures about 25″ x 41″

The real question, I know, is why it is called the Sneezing Willow. While I was hooking, my hubby asked, “Did the tree sneeze or something? Why aren’t any of the leaves touching the tree?” Hooker’s choice. I was thinking about how wall stencils are designed and hooked to mimic that effect. And The Sneezing Willow became its name.