Unite, An American Hooked Rug



Unite, an American Hooked Rug was conceived and hooked during a unique moment in American history.

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Unite, An American Hooked Rug has been an especially fulfilling project for me.  I am not a gifted illustrator, but my doodles occasionally surprise even me.  I’d been studying a variety of other rugs, both new and old, for angels, swimmers, flags.  My wonky striped versions of the American flag, have always been a favorite motif to include, but I’m not quite sure how the mermaid element came in.  When I was choosing my wools for her, I kept thinking of The Statue of Liberty.  She must have been an unwitting influencer.

I dug deeper into the making of this rug than I usually do.  Unimpressed with the color variety in my stash of wools and cashmere and committed to using as many recycled materials as possible, my long resisted dye pot was pressed into service.  I learned so much and was so happy with the results of my efforts, that a little corner of our home is now being transformed into a dedicated dye studio.

There is a wide range of thoughts and emotions lurking in the background of this rug.  Unite was conceived and hooked while I was listening to and taking in the impeachment hearings and Senate trial of 2020.  There is no doubt that it was a national event of wildly varied import and impact.  This rug is how I captured this moment in history for me.

Unite, An American Hooked Rug:

Hooked with new, vintage, and recycled wools and cashmere.

Measures about 36″ x 22″

I bind the edges of this rug with wool. Use it on the floor, as a wall hanging, or on a table or bed. If you expect your rug to get heavy use on the floor in a high traffic area of your home, I’m happy to add a sturdy rug binding tape around the back edge of the rug for an additional $65.  Please send me a note if this is something you’d like done.


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