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Rug Hooking Patterns

It is a small but growing collection of rug hooking patterns available as instant downloads. I’m excited with the newest addition, The Jacobean Hooked Rug. Like all my patterns, it includes multiple color pictures and this time, I’ve offered the pattern in two sizes. Lots of room to play and use your imagination.

The Amsterdam Rug Hooking Pattern Instant Download

Pattern for the Sunflower Hooked Pillow

Woman Feeding Chickens Rug Hooking Pattern, Instant Download

Tree of Life Rug Hooking Pattern Instant Download

Jacobean Rug Hooking Pattern


Strolling the Streets of Amsterdam

Little House Cashmere Tooth Pillows

My husband and I recently fulfilled a nearly life long dream of mine: we biked through the tulip fields of Holland. It was an amazing and influential trip. I found the Dutch bikes so much kinder to my knitter’s shoulder and neck and promptly snatched up a cruiser bike upon our return. Of course, too, creatively my head just started tumbling over numerous new Dutch influenced textile pursuits.

Amsterdam served as the base of our trip, and what a feast for the eyes it is. There are so many wonderful things I could tell you about, but right now I am going to focus on the architecture and the quaint inviting neighborhoods. Each street bustles with bicyclists and pedestrians surrounded by the most storybook looking buildings you could imagine. Row house in brick and colorful wooden siding overlooking the narrow street and broader canals. It is an image that has lasted with me.

A neighborhood of charming little pillows.

Not so very long ago my new cutter lot of cashmere sweaters arrived. It included many brighter tones than I usually use, so they got pushed aside for a bit as I pondered what to do with them, and why on earth I had purchased them. And then it hit me. Neat little row houses, all hand sewn. I’ve started small; petite pillows with a door that serves as a pocket for each. It’s a perfect destination for a tooth fairy, or love note, or any little secret you need a small hiding place for. But the collection will grow into a sprawling neighborhood of cheery abodes. Watch and see.