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Nautical Stitching

Nautical Stitching

I had a wonky little scrap of antique linen, so I made a peculiar little nautical needle book.

Stitching has become calming and meditative for me.  I seem to be turning to it more and more.

I worry that over time my stitching will become too practices and regular, when what I love is the Wabi Sabi, Come as it May process.

Operation Cheesecake: aka Kitchen Applique

Operation Cheesecake

One of the things I’ve learned in marrying in to an enormous family is that there is always a good excuse for a party.  While catering was never on my list of things to accomplish, I find my over-riding need to make pretty things overflows the studio and into the kitchen.  The party in question??  A Bon Voyage for a bros-in-law who’s headed off to med school.  Obviously, a medical theme was required.  Me being me, out came templates and exacto knives, tweezers and clippers.  While never having worked with fondant before, I was sure that if I approached this as I would a penny rug or quilt, I’d achieve a modicum of success.  Hubby and I tested and practiced, and scratched the Red Velvet cake when we discovered a dislike of chocolate in the honored guest.  A New Your style cheesecake (the first I’ve ever made!), became the unusual foundation for my stitch and bitch culinary session in the kitchen.

And it was fun.  And it was yum.

Puttin' the Fun in Yum.