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Craigslist for Fiber Fanciers

Craigslist:  Love.  It.  How was the grammar there?  Never mind.

Flea market junkies, bargain hunters, cheapskates–ahem, Frugal Yankees—that we are, CL is a haven.  We’ve found sofas and antiques and cars, but it is also just the ripest picking ground for fiber lovers.  I’ve bought and sold yarn, found rug hooking tools and supplies, and discovered vintage books of technique and design to die for.  And my latest discovery??  Vintage Indonesian batik sarongs.  Gorgeous.  The design wheels are turning…  What to do?  What to do?

Sarongs and more. Design candy.

It’s a cow! (tell me it looks like a cow)

This project is a departure for me.  I’m still not quite sure how it happened.  I mean, I meant to make a cow–but I thought it would simplistic or cartoonish.  I can’t draw.  I can’t shade.  But something about this seems to be working.  It’s funny.  I worked more than half my life as a floral designer for special events—mostly weddings.  I always found that even though I was designing a bouquet in my hand, right in front of my face,  I had to look in a mirror to see what it really looked like.  It’s shape.  It’s color balance.  With this project, for some reason, I started taking pictures at various stages.  I was having a devil of a time figuring out the shading of the lower snout and mouth.  I couldn’t even tell you how many times I ripped it out and tried again.  The camera shots helped.  Even if I looked at the shots immediately after having taken them, still in the camera, not even downloaded, it gave me perspective.  A perspective that was separated from me. It’s a curious and useful tool.  It could also demonstrate how I tend to get in my own way when I design.  The mirror or camera image seems to separate my id from my ego and just shows me the truth.  Or so I hope.

Cow on the hooking frame. Coming along.