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1876 Hand Hooked Primitive Cashmere Rug

1876 Hand Hooked Primitive Cashmere Rug

One of this hooker’s best friends, my little man, Stogie posed for the inspiration photo for this primitive style rug.  I hooked this entirely with cashmere salvaged from recycled sweaters.

new seven
It took me a couple tries to get the numbers just right.


1876 in progress
I always love looking back at progress shots and seeing how it all came together.


My 1876 Primitive Dog Hooked Pillow is available at The Barn at Todd Farm or can be shipped to you anywhere.  Just ask.

This is Ruth. And Maisie, too.

Recently a local dog rescue, PAWS New England needed to find a home for two deaf and blind brothers, Truth and Argus.  Since we have two deaf/blind pups, as well, we reached out to the rescue in hopes that sharing our story would help encourage potential adopters to consider dogs like these.  The story of the wonders of our girls can be read in full on the PAWS blog.

Ruth and Maisie, our deaf and blind Aussies, are living it up regardless of their disabilities.

Whether or not our little write up helped to get Truth and Argus adopted, I can’t say, but I am very happy to report that they are in a wonderful new home.  And at PAWS you will find innumerable wonderful canines, just in case you are looking to expand your family.

A Touch of Fun

my girl modeling one of my new clips

After so much WINTER, my girl and I ventured onto what we believe is our patio under all this snow.  A bit of frolicking was in order.  She is very helpfully showing off one of the clips I’ve been working on for the past few days.  This flower is centered with a vintage button for some fun sparkle.  What I love about the hair clips I’m using for these is that they can be clipped to just about anything:  your hair, a headband, a ribbon around your neck or sash, your purse, your dog, a curtain, a pillow, a lapel.  We’ve been having some fun around here, for sure.

As usual, more to come.  Stay tuned!