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Hooking up Some Sun

Well, it has been pouring here for days.  And days.  The sun is something we talk about fondly.  Reminiscing.  A long lost friend.  Fortunately for me, I’ve had this great commission to fight the gray and damp.  The sunflower is completely hooked.  I’ve even whipped the the edges when no one was looking.  I just need to back and stuff this pillow in the making, and send it to off to its new home.

Sunflower Hooked Pillow. In the making.

Just Finished Hooking

I had so much fun with the the Sunflower Hooked Pillow that I wanted to play more with the concept.  These two pieces will be made up into petite mini pillows about 6″ square.  My mind’s eye already sees them nestled among books and soaps and flowers or settled on a little person’s rocking chair.  Both are hooked with strips of deconstructed clothing.  One repeats the Sunflower’s color scheme.  For the other I experimented with a background in various shades of milky tea and smoky lavender.  I love the effect.

a background of milky tea tones and smokey lavender
a sunny dahlia

A Touch of Fun

my girl modeling one of my new clips

After so much WINTER, my girl and I ventured onto what we believe is our patio under all this snow.  A bit of frolicking was in order.  She is very helpfully showing off one of the clips I’ve been working on for the past few days.  This flower is centered with a vintage button for some fun sparkle.  What I love about the hair clips I’m using for these is that they can be clipped to just about anything:  your hair, a headband, a ribbon around your neck or sash, your purse, your dog, a curtain, a pillow, a lapel.  We’ve been having some fun around here, for sure.

As usual, more to come.  Stay tuned!