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Lion and Cat: A Hand Sewing Pattern

I’ve been making Cashmere Critters in some form or another for a few years now.  One design for a bunny evolved into a design for a kitty, and that kitty grew into a lion.  That’s how things roll in my head.  Now, I confess, I’ve become enamored with this little lion and his friend and will soon have a whole pride of the creatures in a multitude of colors.  So I figured it was time to share the love and make the pattern available so you can give these sweet and simple creatures a try to.


Lion Softie Sewing Pattern
This sweet lion works up quickly and is a joy to boot!


With small pockets, these soft toys can serve double duty as tooth pillows, too.

Creating in the Eye of the Storm

Recycled wool starfish are hand sewn one by one.

We are hunkered down here with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us.  But really, it is a rather normal day.  A meeting was canceled and water bottles were filled, but other than that, things continue much as they always do in the studio.  Pillows were made, patterns cut out, a bunting is on the knitting needles, and starfish are being hand sewn.  The work is meditative.  It is a quiet but busy day.  Just the way I like it.

From Something Old Comes Something New

Ingredients, Pink

It is humbling to sit with another artist’s uncompleted work and try to ascertain not only what you could add to it, but how you could do it justice.  These quilt squares from the late 1800s put me in exactly that position.  How could a new audience delight in this treasure?  Bits and pieces of my various finds and stashes started working their way on to my cutting table:  antique keyholes, vintage hand-crocheted laces, post-war trims.  I scavenged some scraps from the bottom of the sewing chest I inherited from my grandmother, still filled as it had been with her own stash.  Each new find inspired the next.  And then I knew these were going to be the most perfect ring pillows for a new generation.  They are heirlooms before they even begin.

Ingredients, Blue

Before I even started, I knew my sewing machine was not going to get to play with these pieces.  I needed to honor the seamstress who came before me, and to do that I needed to stitch these pillows entirely by hand.  And so I did.  And it was mesmerizing.  Who was this woman who had so carefully pieced these squares?  Was it by candlelight?  Was she surrounded by her children?  Or her grandchildren?  My mind tumbled through so many characters and variations of a story that started such a very long time ago, one that is now part of my story, and one that will become part of another couple’s story.  And that story and these heirlooms, I hope, will continue to handed down and retold for generations.

Something Old, Something New Something Borrowed, Something Blue