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Luxury Alpaca

Luxury Alpaca

This project has been calling to me for some time. These pillows are a precursor to the alpaca rug I want to hook next, but these are definitely a creative pursuit I could both sink my teeth and toes into.  The alpaca is milled just for me by a couple local family farms.  The all around goodness of them is swoon worthy.  If you want one of these for your own snuggling purposes, they are available for purchase at The Barn at Todd Farm in Rowley, MA or you can purchase online.


Hooking Alpaca Close Up

First Pillow Hooked

Hooking Dots

Three Hooked and Ready to Go

Packed and Ready

All ready for The Art of Craft at the Fayerweather Street School May 12th.

I love trying new things, so this weekend should be exciting.  I’ll be joining a bevy of talented artists and other creatives at The Art of Craft at the Fayerweather Street School in Cambridge, Ma tomorrow for my first show.  Everything (and I mean everything) is packed and ready to go.  From my popular Oriental Rug Pillows made from reclaimed and salvaged antique oriental rugs to organic baby knitwear; eco-friendly soft toys to elegant wedding accessories incorporating antique textiles.  It is all there.

Looking forward to a beautiful sunny day when I get to participate in my favorite part of handmade:  meeting the people who appreciate it.

Organic Fisherman Bunting
Persian Floor Pillows


As a fiber lover, stash management is always an issue.  Everything seems to have such intrinsic value.  And that has only been getting worse for me as I’ve been exploring rug hooking and quilting.  Every little tiny scrap is suddenly a representative of enormous value.  I don’t want to throw anything away.  This is especially true when I am working with vintage textiles, rugs, and linens.  I love discovering the new life that lies hidden in an old tea towel or tattered rug, repurposing its charm into pillows, purses, and brooches.  But what to do with the remains?  Those leftover little pieces of antiquity that lie on the cutting table?  This has become my personal challenge:  find the latent purpose of these remnants of our forebears.  They certainly wouldn’t have wasted a scrap, so why should I?

Small remnants of an antique rug find new life.
These are the perfect accent for so many styles of decor.

Demanding Art

Some things just must be made.  You don’t really have a choice.  Unlike other pieces that you labor over and bemoan their lack of direction, sometimes a completely unexpected piece demands your attention and won’t let go.  And sometimes everything falls right into place for it, too.  That’s what happened with my Brevity Journal.  From the moment the tattered antique rug arrived in my studio from a flea market outing, I knew what it needed to become.

Words have weight. They occupy and define a space. And from the moment I set eyes on the tattered antique rug, I saw this little section and knew exactly what needed to be made of it.
I wanted to make a journal that has seen a thousand travels and is still held dear. A journal that Rumi may have carried...
A place for your words to live.

And it progresses

I’m still searching for a few more pieces of fabric to complement the background colors. Unfortunately, whenever I find the perfect piece of wool to work with, inevitably it is being worn as part of some lucky person’s ensemble (pants, skirts, etc.). A little inappropriate to get all grabby about it.

Just Finished Hooking

I had so much fun with the the Sunflower Hooked Pillow that I wanted to play more with the concept.  These two pieces will be made up into petite mini pillows about 6″ square.  My mind’s eye already sees them nestled among books and soaps and flowers or settled on a little person’s rocking chair.  Both are hooked with strips of deconstructed clothing.  One repeats the Sunflower’s color scheme.  For the other I experimented with a background in various shades of milky tea and smoky lavender.  I love the effect.

a background of milky tea tones and smokey lavender
a sunny dahlia