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Hand Hooked 1820 Lobster Pillow

Hand Hooked 1820 Lobster Pillow

Maine Bicentennial Lobster Pillow
Maine Bicentennial 1820 Lobster Pillow, $145

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When I first designed my hand hooked Maine Bicentennial Lobster Pillow, people repeatedly asked what the story was with 1820.  Now 2020, as Maine celebrates its 200th anniversary of statehood, I think the picture will be clearer.  The year 1820 was the year that Maine was first incorporated as a state. This year marks its auspicious Bicentennial marker.

My Maine Bicentennial Lobster Pillow is chocked full of wit and charm.  This fellow has a personality that will light up your rooms.   He will remind you of all the happy memories of coastal Maine summers.  You’ll practically hear the seagulls overhead and the quiet, distinctive glug glug of the lobster boats.

I hook each Maine Bicentennial Lobster Boat Pillow with a combination of new, recycled, and vintage wool and cashmere.  I even dye some of it myself.  All this is hooked on a high quality linen foundation fabric.  Each lobster pillow is backed with my favorite antique European homespun hemp linen–which may vary from pillow to pillow. Two examples of backing material are shown in the photos.

As with all handmade items, each piece is a one of a kind.  Therefore, each will vary a bit from one to the next.  Please allow for this special nature of handmade and expect some slight variations from the photo.

The Maine Bicentennial Lobster Pillow is hooked to order just for you, so please allow time for creation prior to shipping.  When I receive your order, I’ll email to let you know when to expect it.  Typically, it is about a two week turn around time.  This can vary some based on other orders and time of year.

Measures about 17″ x 12″.

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The Story of Unite

The Story of Unite

The Story of Unite, An American Hooked Rug has a querulous beginning.   There are a wide range of thoughts and emotions lurking in the background of this rug.  Unite was conceived and hooked while I was listening to and taking in the impeachment hearings and Senate trial.  There is no doubt that it was a national event of wildly varied import and impact.  This rug is how I captured this moment in history for me.

This rug has been an especially fulfilling project for me.  I am not a gifted illustrator, but my doodles occasionally surprise even me.  I’d been studying a variety of other rugs, both old and new, for angels, swimmers, flags.  My wonky striped versions of the American flag, have always been a favorite motif to include, but I’m not quite sure how the mermaid element came in.  When I was choosing my wools for her, I kept thinking of The Statue of Liberty.  She must have been an unwitting influencer.

I dug deeper into the making of this rug than I usually do.  Unimpressed with the color variety in my stash of wools and cashmere and committed to using as many recycled materials as possible, my long resisted dye pot was pressed into service.  I learned so much and was so happy with the results of my efforts, that a little corner of our home is now being transformed into a dedicated dye studio.

As you know, Twenty Twenty (2020) is an election year, and my doodle session resulted in more than one successful rendering of a rug to be.  While we march from one political fiasco to the next, I’ll continue to brandish my hook in search of patriotic harmony through my language of choice, fiber.  The Story of Unite shall continue.

Unite, An American Hooked Rug

Unite, An American Hooked Rug:

Hooked with new, vintage, and recycled wools and cashmere.

Measures about 36″ x 22″

Signed and dated in embroidery on the back.



Luxury Alpaca

Luxury Alpaca

This project has been calling to me for some time. These pillows are a precursor to the alpaca rug I want to hook next, but these are definitely a creative pursuit I could both sink my teeth and toes into.  The alpaca is milled just for me by a couple local family farms.  The all around goodness of them is swoon worthy.  If you want one of these for your own snuggling purposes, they are available for purchase at The Barn at Todd Farm in Rowley, MA or you can purchase online.


Hooking Alpaca Close Up

First Pillow Hooked

Hooking Dots

Three Hooked and Ready to Go

Sundays are for Hooking

Well, not much needlecraft happened this weekend, but plenty of cookies were baked, not to mention consumed.  My weekdays are happily and soundly packed with shipping orders, fulfilling custom orders, and creating new works for my shops, but that has left little time for my biggest rug hooking project yet.  Sundays seem to be the day I get to settle in with a great audiobook, hook in hand and silly wool worms (that I still can’t believe can make anything so lovely) at the ready.  It is a blissful pursuit.

The Paisley Rug is inching its way towards completion.

sunny side up

swatches of life get loved, used, worn out, discarded

to be collected again and treasured

the suit jacket grandpa wore to church every sunday

dad’s goofy pants he donned to support his favorite baseball team

your mother’s woolen skirt–the one you clung to when strangers came to the door

Hooked Rug


a rug made by drawing up loops of fabric or yarn through a foundation fabric such as burlap or linen to form a pattern.

a technique developed in the mid-1800s in N. America using bits of wool from old clothing and feed sacks for the foundation.

Sources:  dictionary.com and Old Oaks Ranch.