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Bee on the Farm at Dandelion Spring

Bee on the Farm at Dandelion Spring

Knitters, quilters, hookers, and other hand-workers of all sorts and skill levels–come gather in the bucolic setting of Dandelion Spring and Straw Farm in Newcastle, Maine.   Join us for an afternoon of companionship, laughter, and progress on all your UFO’s surrounded by the fields, animals, busy farmers, and an abundant farm stand.   While this is not a class, I’m happy to answer questions to the best of my ability—dabbler as I am in many things…  And truly the best thing about a bee is the community and shared creativity.  It is a time to be inspired by and to both learn from and teach each other.

Stitch Mystery

The other day I was perusing a yarn store looking for a suitable candidate to mend a sweater for a client.  While staying on task, my eye did not fail to notice a sample scarf knit up on the first display.  Despite the fact that it was knit in the yummiest of cashmere yarns, what really got my attention was the stitch pattern.  But I was short on time with things to do.  I filed it away for further consideration later.  That didn’t work.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since and kicking myself for not spending more time examining the delicate lace.  It’s at times like these that you head to Barbara Walker’s Treasuries.  What would we do without them??

I’ve messed around a bit.  Tried a few things.  While finding all sorts of wonderful new stitches, the one I seek continues to elude.  I guess I’ll just have to keep knitting.

Knitting in Bed

I’ve started an intriguing new habit lately. I know you are all shocked to hear that I spend a great deal of time knitting, but a whole new ritual has taken shape. I wake 5:30 or so, stumble to my coffee, and totter back to bed. Then the knitting comes out. Not the buntings on order, mind you. These precious morning knitting sessions are reserved for the projects on tiny needles requiring time and patience and the solitude of either early morning mists or slowly waking rays of rosy sun. The birds wake to the steady click, click, click of my needles and while the sun rises, my knitting slowly but surely descends from my needles.

Waiting on Sleeves

Swatching Daydreams

It should come to no one’s surprise that when I say that I need to knit down the stash or de-stash it is really me just readying an excuse to buy more yarn. “It’s a mental illness,” to quote a friend. Yep. And I’m refusing therapy.

Gorgeous skeins of Fino by Manos del Uruguay.

This week the studio is filled to the brim with my first shipment of Manos del Uruguay yarns. I’m thrilled to be carrying so many beautiful skeins and am itching to begin designing with my new fiber friends. Somehow I ended up grown up enough to be showing a little bit of restraint, though. I’m intent on finishing up the pattern for the Fisherman’s Bunting, a project that requires much counting and my wrists are filing complaints against cables, but even still my days are busy with no idle hands and my imagination is running wild with new designs to come.

Swatching with Fino, I feel like I am knitting a sunset.

Cabled Leg Warmers: A Knitting Pattern

These leg warmers make the perfect weekend project.

Things happen when I’m home alone on a Sunday.  Getting dressed involves an oversized sweatshirt from high school and leggings.  Not feeling particularly well put together, I decided to accessorize.  My needle doodles turned into leg warmers, and I can assure you that once my ensemble was completed, I was way cuter.  You can be, too, because the pattern is ready!

Peaces of Sunday

New England winter Sundays are designed for cozying up. Leggings, slouchy sweatshirt, and socks so thick they have no hope of fitting into any shoe save my husband’s. It may not be my most attractive of days, but my soul glows in the quietude. I doodle on the the needles–my term for starting to tease out a new knitting design– I read, I ponder the wonderful delicacies I’d make for dinner if I didn’t spend so much time at my hooking frame, and I look forward to snuggling into my favorite chair by the fire tonight with my book, dogs softly snoring at my feet.

Needle Doodling is play time on the knitting needles.

The Chunky Alpaca Cowl Knitting Pattern

New release!  This Chunky Alpaca Cowl is a satisfying quick knit, made from an utterly soft super bulky alpaca yarn. You’ll be warding off the cold in no time.  There’s some cabling.  There’s some texture work.  But a dedicated beginner will do fine.

The Chunky Alpaca Cowl. Make it!

Abbreviated Materials List:

Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky Alpaca or Gedifra Highland Alpaca 3 skeins

Size 17 knitting needles

Crochet needle K

Cable needle (optional)

Two buttons, 1 5/8″

This quick knit cowl features a cable stitch that almost feels like lace.

Chunky Alpaca Cowl Pattern 5.

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