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Fiber Fantasies

It’s a rainy gloomy day, but that’s okay. My head is brimming with ideas. I can’t decide what to work on first. Of course, the things I should do are not the things I want to do. Conundrum. But I’ve been feeling beaten down lately and spread too thin and would much rather pursue a little self nurturing today. I think some of my new yarns from Manos del Uruguay will have a visitor today.

Itching to knit.

Swatching Daydreams

It should come to no one’s surprise that when I say that I need to knit down the stash or de-stash it is really me just readying an excuse to buy more yarn. “It’s a mental illness,” to quote a friend. Yep. And I’m refusing therapy.

Gorgeous skeins of Fino by Manos del Uruguay.

This week the studio is filled to the brim with my first shipment of Manos del Uruguay yarns. I’m thrilled to be carrying so many beautiful skeins and am itching to begin designing with my new fiber friends. Somehow I ended up grown up enough to be showing a little bit of restraint, though. I’m intent on finishing up the pattern for the Fisherman’s Bunting, a project that requires much counting and my wrists are filing complaints against cables, but even still my days are busy with no idle hands and my imagination is running wild with new designs to come.

Swatching with Fino, I feel like I am knitting a sunset.